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Accounting and Financial Services for All Saints Lutheran Church

This is a part-time contracted position,

  • Bookkeeper will provide all accounting and financial services, including, but not limited to:
    • The complete weekly processing cycle of all invoices/accounts payable
    • The complete semi-monthly processing cycle of payroll, including payroll liabilities
    • Importing weekly giving reports, as provided by ASLC Administrative Staff
    • Preparation of annual 1099’s
    • Preparation of monthly financial statements,
      • Monthly financial summary Year-to-Date
      • 3-yr comparison
    • Monthly reconciliations of accounts:
      • Savings
      • Checking
      • Credit card
      • Memorials
      • Missionary
    • Coordinate with the Treasurer, Finance Committee and Church Council
    • Meet with Finance Committee regularly, and coordinate information
    • Drafting of Annual Budget (mission plan) with input from Church Council, as needed and requested
    • Preparation of annual financial reports to the Congregation and to the Synod
    • Coordination of yearly audit
  • Bookkeeper will work in the Church Office Monday-Thursday (9am-12n or 12n-3pm) to complete all duties and will update the calendar board to keep staff aware of weekly schedule.
  • Special finance projects requested that are outside of typical scope listed above may be negotiated and compensated separately.

Contact the church office or request by email to If you have questions or need more information please contact: Parish Administrator, Shari Clark, 602-866-9191, ext. 103 OR