COVID Protocol FAQ

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August Update to Protocols

UPDATE (8/18): New In-Person Covid Protocols

On the evening of Tuesday August 17th, the Congregational Council met to discuss and vote on recommendations from the COVID-19 Response Team regarding the use of face masks in worship.  At this time, we are strongly encouraging the use of face coverings by those attending worship services, regardless of vaccination status. 

This decision not only aligns with the recommendations of the CDC and the Bishop of the Grand Canyon Synod, it also acknowledges our role as part of a wider community still experiencing a high level of COVID-19 transmission.  As we anticipate greater numbers of worshipers on campus with the return of fall programs in the coming weeks, we desire to be good stewards of the opportunities we have to be together by protecting the health and safety of our members and our neighbors. 

To learn more about the factors underlying this recommendation, we encourage you to read the FAQs below.  You are also welcome to talk with one of the pastors or congregational council members.  Your presence and prayers are a blessing to us as we continue to work at being church together through uncertain times.  Thank you!

ASLC Staff and Council

Office Hours 
Monday - Thursday 9AM to 3PM
(602) 866-9191

Frequently Asked Questions:

What information was considered by the COVID-19 Response Team in making this recommendation to Council?

  • In addition to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Bishop Deborah Hutterer of the Grand Canyon Synod, the team also looked at localized data regarding COVID-19 contagion strength; rates of vaccination, hospitalization and death for various age groups; information regarding “breakthrough” cases (where a fully vaccinated individual tests positive for COVID). We also gave consideration to a number of values that we felt were important to ASLC in making this decision, including the desire to be a welcoming worship environment, safety, civic responsibility, Christian compassion and the freedom to hold and express different perspectives.


How will other gatherings, programs and events apart from worship be affected by this decision?

  • At this time, the COVID Response Team and Council have not taken up the question of whether to offer specific policy changes or recommendations for small groups or other gatherings on campus, instead leaving it up to the staff, volunteer leaders, and participants to determine best practices. Staff has already determined that masks will be required for staff, volunteers, and children ages 2 and up who participate in our nursery, Sunday School and Confirmation programs until further notice.  If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions about a particular group or ministry’s mitigation strategies, please contact the leader or staff member for that program, knowing that practices may need to change as the situation around us changes.


If I’m fully vaccinated, do I really need to wear a mask?

  • The CDC’s recommendation is for all persons, including those fully vaccinated, to wear a face covering in public indoor setting in areas of high or substantial transmission. While you may not feel yourself to be at significant risk, others around you may be, and it’s possible even for vaccinated people to become infected with COVID-19 without showing symptoms.  All Saints has seen some breakthrough COVID cases within our congregation, including one member who was recently hospitalized.  Even setting aside the risk of severe illness and death, unmitigated spread of COVID-19 in communities puts a strain on schools, healthcare systems, businesses, and even places of worship.  We can all do our part to prevent these outcomes.


What will happen if I don’t wear a mask to worship?

  • All Saints leadership will continue to emphasize our wish that masks be worn by all worshipers and will provide masks at both worship entrances and near the office for those who may not have brought one. We also respect the fact that some people have health challenges that may preclude them from wearing a mask, and that some people may choose not to do so due to other strongly held beliefs.  Our desire is to be welcoming of people with a variety of perspectives, while encouraging practices that we understand to be in the best interest of safety and public health.


How long do you expect these recommendations to remain in effect?

  • This situation is fluid and our team will continue to monitor and be prepared for the local situation, the recommendations of experts, and the wellbeing of our congregation, with attention to the values that shape us as a worshiping community. Our response may need to become tighter or looser depending on how the situation progresses.