Meet Our Staff

Senior Pastor

Pastor Dan Hoeger 

I preach, teach, counsel and console both members and visitors of our congregation. It is my honor to lead and supervise our paid staff. As a staff we strategize and coordinate with church members who do the majority of hands on ministry at All Saints. I also am called to serve both the community and the church beyond our congregation.
Contact me at 602.866.9191 ext. 104



 Jerry Gunderson

I plan liturgy and music for our worship services and lead the worshipping assembly in songs of prayer, proclamation and praise. Our music ministry includes a wide variety of vocal and instrumental ensembles and soloists, and my leadership of these groups includes scheduling, choosing repertoire, composing/arranging, and directing rehearsals. I enjoy working as part of our staff ministry team, and I provide administrative leadership to All Saints’ worship committee. I also sing with two community choirs, which is a great way to get new ideas and make contacts with local musicians. I am blessed and thankful to serve God’s people here at All Saints.
Contact me at 602.866.9191 ext. 112



With the help of many volunteers, a heaven-sent assistant and the grace of God, I oversee the Sunday School program here at All Saints. Children from 2 years old through 6th grade meet with their peers, teen and adult shepherds and teachers for our rotational lesson program. I also plan family oriented events such as the annual picnic and movie and game nights to help build relationships between our families. The Jr. and High schoolers gather for monthly meetings and meals, as well as lock-ins and weekend retreats. Almost every year the youth get on a plane or bus and head off on a mission trip. We have traveled to places such as Colorado, California, Michigan and New Orleans just in the past few years. I am truly blessed to be joining these kids and families on their faith journeys.
Contact me at 602.866.9191 ext. 118



Tammy Follensbee

I am the Social Media / Website
Administrator for All Saints.  
I update the All Saints website
with the latest events and 
I also prepare the weekly Sunday
morning Power Point presentations.
You will see me around taking
photos of the church's groups and events,
which I will share to our Facebook page.  
I assist the Parish Administrator and the
Publications Administrator
with the daily operations of the church.
I assist with our community outreach
programs on the last two
Wednesday of the month.  I am
here to assist members of All Saints
as well.  It is a blessing to serve
my church and the
surrounding community.  
God's peace to all!!  
Contact me at 602.866.9191

Pastor for Intergenerational Ministry

Pastor Kristin Rice

What’s a “Pastor for Intergenerational Ministry?”  I’m so glad you asked!  My responsibilities in this role, first and foremost, will be to serve as a pastor to the whole congregation through worship leadership, preaching, and pastoral care.  I will also continue to serve as Stewardship Team Lead and will work closely with our Stephen Ministry leaders, while engaging with the Congregational Council in our ongoing visioning work.  Additionally, I bear some responsibility for helping our members learn, grow, and experience fellowship through the various ages and stages of life.  This includes oversight of our staff and programs in the areas of senior ministries, children and family ministries, and youth ministry/confirmation.  In addition to supporting quality programs and milestone recognitions that are appropriate for each age group, part of my job is to help create opportunities for people from different age groups to engage their faith together.            Contact me at 602.866.9191 ext. 109


I lead the Senior Ministry Team, which is a volunteer group of older adults. The team creates, plans and facilitates programs, activities and educational events for elders. We also provide resources related to elder care and aging issues. Most importantly, we strive to make and maintain relationships with the elderly population of the church. It is a privilege and a blessing to work with our older members.
Contact me at 602.866.9191 ext. 110



Betty Erickson

My goal is to provide the children of All Saint’s with a background in Christian music, help them to develop an appreciation for music in worship, and allow them to find the joy in participating in the music ministry by singing and using instruments.

I lead the singing for preschool and kindergarten Sunday School classes, the Alleluia Singers (choir of 1st through 6th graders), and organize the musical Christmas play for preschool through 6th grade students. Many thanks to all the volunteers who help and support our children’s music.
Contact me at 602.866.9191 ext. 101



I coordinate the Adult Education and Worship Leadership Team. My main responsibilities are to offer support to the Small Groups and adult education programming through scheduling of classrooms, acquiring curriculum materials and publicity. Worship Leadership, or as Pr. Dan calls it, “Worship Practical” involves the support, retention, recruitment and training of volunteers in worship leadership, support and hospitality. I also coordinate “Discovery,” the five week class for those that wish to become members of All Saints.
Contact me at 602.866.9191 ext. 105



I oversee the day to day operation of the church office. I support the pastors and program staff as needed. I assist the Publication Administrator, Website/Media Administrator and Financial Administrator as needed. I keep our membership and contribution database current. I keep track of the Master Calendar and schedule room usage so there is no events/meetings trying to be in the same room at the same time. I make sure the Nursery is staffed when needed and there is a Facility Manager on duty during events/meetings that are schedule at the church. I oversee the property maintenance that is needed on campus. I process the Child/Youth Protection Volunteer forms for those who volunteer/work with All Saints children and youth. 
Contact me at 602.866.9191 ext. 103



I communicate to the congregation and the local community through the Weekly Parish Press located in the weekend worship bulletin with mini articles and announcements of upcoming events that take place in the next few weeks.
I write the monthly Saints Alive Newsletter with all the details of upcoming events during that month.
I also assist the Parish Administrator in daily office duties.
Thank you for allowing me to serve the Lord in my creative way.
Contact me at 602.866.9191 ext. 102



Carole Becker


I participate in and/or serve as the staff liaison for Grief Support.

Grief Support Ministries seek to be responsive to the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health of those who participate in our church family as well as those who come to us from our community. Because what we do and say, and how we serve in our congregations and communities, matters to the whole church of God, we continue to seek out those among us who are in need of healing, uplifting and renewal in order for them to move forward with their changing and, sometimes, challenging lives.

What a privilege to be in ministry with so many caring people!
Contact me at 602.319.0959.



Jerry Hugo, 2018 Council President

Jon Nelson, Vice President

Karen Rasmussen, Treasurer

Nance Wabshaw, Secretary

Ben Blixt

Kristin Boorse

Bob Richardson

Jerry Riechert

Wendy Weiske