Update From Church Council - Same-Gender Marriage

All Saints Lutheran Church

Dear Friends,

I have an update on our progress in developing an All Saints policy regarding Same-Gender Marriage.  The council feels that our congregation should not rush this very important decision and take the appropriate time to seriously consider and reflect upon everyone’s feelings and beliefs on this matter.  We do, however, have a situation where a member has requested Pastor Shari to officiate their Same-Gender marriage ceremony at an off-site location.  As this request was made several months ago, the council does not feel it is appropriate to ask this member to wait possibly several more months for a formal All Saints policy decision on this issue.  As Pastor Shari feels called to serve in this way, the council has decided to authorize Pastor Shari to officiate this member’s Same-Gender marriage ceremony at their off-site location.  This decision frees our congregation to further reflect on an ongoing policy without being pressured with time constraints.  I pray everyone is understanding of the council’s decision on this specific matter.

Yours in Christ’s Service,

Wendy Weiske

2016 Congregational Council President


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