Adult Sunday School

Bible Study Leaders Needed


Recently, I have been asked on several occasions when a men’s or women’s bible study will be taking place.  The key component to launching a study is someone to be the leader.

Bible study leaders are not theological experts!  In fact, we all learn together and the leader is someone who prayerfully takes the task of guiding the group discussion.  Bible studies can be series of meetings that may only last a few weeks or stretch out over a few months so leaders are not saddled with a "teaching" responsibility forever. The most important part of being the leader of a group is to ensure that everyone feels welcome, has room to talk (or not to talk as they choose) and who makes sure that the group life is healthy and stays on course.  No formal theological training is necessary as everyone is together learning and listening for God's word for them. This is a terrific fellowship and community building experience and often leads to lasting friendships.

If you’re someone who might be feeling a call to lead a study or may have additional questions about leading a group, please contact me. I’d be more than happy to talk to you!

Kevin Harpel 602.866.9191 ext. 105.