Sunday School~Children's Events

All Saints WELCOMES children and families with open arms!

"To walk with children on our journey with Christ, sharing the good news of God's unconditional love through Bible stories."
...Sunday School Leaders Mission Statement

Last Day of Sunday School is May 5th, 2019

Sunday School will resume in the Fall. 
For information of Summer Eduworship Experience (S.E.E.) CLICK HERE!

Movie Night "How To Train Your Dragon"


Join us July 17th, 24th & 31st

6:00 to 8:30pm

All-Ages Arts Camp at ASLC!

Each evening will include a shared meal, devotion, and the choice of several different art activities!

Look forward to banner-making, bells, dance, drama, papier-mache, percussion, woodworking and wreath-making, to name a few.

  Suggested donation is $5/person per week ~ $20 max per family per week.

(Some activities may cost a little extra.)

 Sign up now in the church office!


VBS ~ Vacation Bible Study




If you have signed up to volunteer or are interested in doing so, please plan to attend.

A light lunch will be provided.  Please RSVP to Pastor Kristin at


Vacation Bible School 2019

June 24th to June 28th

9:00AM to 12:30PM

For children currently ages 3 through completed 5th grade are welcome to attend! 

Adults and youth are welcome to volunteer!

Come together with your church family and community as we learn about, celebrate, and share Jesus’ miraculous mission to save the world.  There is a place for YOU in this mission!

For more information, please contact Pastor Kristin.

To register as a participant or volunteer, go to

Printable PDF registration form, click here.



“Why are we attending a Lutheran church?” “Have we always been Lutheran?”

“Will we always be Lutheran?”

These are some questions as you may hear as a parent of a child going through faith education here at All Saints. During their 6th grade year, our students begin to piece together some of the answers to these and more questions.

This milestone helps them to take a look at, with the help of their parents and other loved ones, their faith family tree. They will create a tree showing how they came to be part of All Saints Lutheran Church. It will also help them as they begin to examine their own faith lives during the 3 years of Confirmation.  Confirmation is something that helps you understand how you connect with God and with the church.

This milestone is meant to begin a conversation about faith and what it means to each of us and our family. It is literally a time to remember your own baptism and “confirm” the faith that our parents and our church handed down to us.

If you would like more information regarding this milestone, please contact Pastor Kristin or Joe Schwartz. 

What is 6th Grade Spirit?

This is a crucial period in the life of a 6th Grader. At this time of the year, they have discovered that they are the leaders at their school and are beginning to gain more independence. Soon they’ll be experiencing life in middle school and more opportunities to make choices on their own. Here at All Saints, we offer “6th Grade Spirit”, which is designed to assist the family in helping these young people in making the best faith-based decisions possible when faced with new challenges. This experience is designed for our ‘tweens to discover him or herself, while continuing to grow in their relationship with Jesus, through the guidance of caring adults.

The class, which meets at 9:00am Sunday in the YO Zone.
Families are encouraged to join the class at any time.

Lutheran Campformation


Campformation registration is open!
Camp dates are July 7-12, Sunday-Friday. Camp is offered to all incoming 6th graders through 10th grade (the grade you will be in during the 2019-20 school year).

Cost of camp is $325.00. 

Please contact Joe Schwartz regarding partial and full scholarships. Cost includes all meals, activities and lodging. This does not include transportation to and from camp or canteen purchases (snacks available at camp).

6th-9th Grade Campers

A camp experience that includes campfires, high-ropes, zip-lining, low-ropes, bible exploration, small group time, large group games, hiking, swimming pool, volleyball, basketball, archery, and more!?

10th Grade - GAP Campers

A camp experience that includes a mix of the camper and counselor experience.

GAP Campers will have opportunities to develop their individual gifts and explore

how those gifts can be used in a camps setting.

Just like the rest of camp, GAP campers will experience campfires, high-ropes, zip-lining, low-ropes, bible exploration, small group time, large group games, hiking, swimming pool, volleyball, basketball, archery, and more!

Please follow this link for registration and more important info! The password is “Jesus”, because he’s all you need! Get it?!? 

Camper registration deadline is May 15, 2019!

Camp Pinerock is our host camp this year, and hopefully for years to come! Please check out their website at the link below.

Contact Joe Schwartz with any questions or concerns you have about camp.

Sunday School

2 yrs. old through 6th grade
Sundays at 9:00am

Register now below! 

Online Registration for Sunday School

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One on One Sunday School

 "One on One" Sunday School

Some children learn best in a smaller consistant class environment...some would benefit seeing the same teacher and shepherds every week! Some children are "born leaders" and would love to share their know-how with other children.

All Saints has a dedicated classroom for children who might learn better in a more typical style of learning enviroment, yet interactive and hands-on...too good to be true?  If you would like to learn more about what this class has to offer your child please contact Joe Schwartz. Your child is special, we know that and we hope this class helps them feel that way!

 "One on One" is:
During the regular SS hour (9am-10am)
In YO Room 2 (located behind the basketball net)
Follows the same stories as our rotation SS only class curriculm in adapted for the needs of the students
Children enjoy playing, learning and growing in their faith
Children have the same teachers and shepherds all year long so no need to adapt to different teaching styles every week.

Safeguarding God's Children

Child Protection Program - Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Become a Certified Adult Volunteer!

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