Calling Tree Program Information

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Calling Tree Program Information


  Participant Volunteer
Key Holder
= Person living alone who will call Volunteer to verify wellness
Person who will follow up to check on Participant if call is not received
= Person who agrees to do a home check on Participant if requested by Volunteer                       
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Calling Tree is a service offered by volunteers from All Saints Lutheran Church to those who would benefit from a telephone reassurance program.  The program is offered year round and without charge.

  •  Every morning - Seven days a week and holidays included - participants will call their designated volunteer anytime between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and noon.

  • When a participant does not call within the specified time, the volunteer will contact a person designated a key holder on the participant’s Calling Tree Participant Registration form.

  • If none of the participant’s key holders are available and every effort has been made to establish contact with the participant, ultimately, police or paramedics will be called to the participant’s home.

  • The success of the Calling Tree program and the participant’s benefit from the program depends on his or her cooperation.  It is very important that the participant communicate with their volunteer contact person when they will be out of town or plan to be away from their phone for any reason and will not be available to participate in the program.

  • It is also extremely important that the participant update the key holder information provided on their Calling Tree Participant Registration form whenever there is a change in key holders (the key holder is no longer available or someone new is added as a contact).

  • Contact Tammy Follensbee at 602-866-9191, ext. 110 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Calling Tree.