Online Giving 2: Donate

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Make a Donation

To make a donation via e-Check, Debit or Credit Card to the ministries of All Saints, please select a category for your gift and enter the desired amount.

If you wish to make contributions to more than one ministry category on the same transaction, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Select the first category, enter the desired amount for that ministry category and click Submit
  2. On the next screen, click the "Continue Shopping" button to return to the Donation page
  3. Repeat steps 1. and 2. as many times as needed to enter all your desired contributions to be totalled on this transaction

If you have questions about this process or your donations, please contact our Parish Administrator Shari Clark in the church office or via email.

Thank you for supporting the ministries of All Saints with your financial gift.

Select a Category and Enter the Amount of Your Donation


Amount: $



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* Please use the comments section to indicate your designation for these funds.  

1) For the Mission Support Fund, please indicate the particular Mission or Social Ministry you wish your gift to be applied.  If a designation is not made in the comments, your gift will be applied to the area of greatest need. 

2) For the Memorial Fund, please indicate in whose memory or honor the gift is given and your preferences for how the gift should be used.  Our Memorials Committee is also available to assist with making a designation.

3) For the Other category, please indicate how you wish your gift to be applied for other areas of ministry at All Saints.

All transactions are secured using 256-bit SSL Encryption.