SS Teachers & Shepherds

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Sunday School Shepherds and Teachers

These amazing volunteers will be with your children during Sunday School this year. Want to learn more about how you can volunteer? Journey with your child, you'll be amazed at what you'll learn and how much YOU will receive as you give of your time and talent!

DWSS Shepherds
1st grade     Cami Benton, Anika Bowman, Tatum Zapp
2nd grade    Lynne Shaw, Staci Shaw, Gabe Mendoza, Emily Wagner
3rd grade     Marianne Kennedy, Lucas Rabb, Mitchell Bruhn
4th grade     Sandy Stegen, Jessica Smith, Erik McGregor, Mark Morrissey
5th grade     Suzanne Carlisle, Marie Carpenter, Bret/Mimi Halley
6th grade     Kevin Harpel, Sar Zapp, Andy LeFevre
One on One  Liz Spec, Luke Schwartz
Art~Tanya Killebrew
Community Service~Charlotte Morrissey
Theater~Monica Rabb & Lisa Kloft
Cooking~Tracie Petrie
Games~Jonathan Levine
Bible Discovery~Jerry Zaddack & Matt Roberts
One on One~Pauline Scalco

LSSS Shepherds
Two by Two: Elli Lyster
3yrs: Hanna Orrahood, Kirsten Orrahood
4yrs: Jessica Carpenter, Lowell Schwartz
Kindergarten: Janet Hall, Becky Bicioulis, Hannah Christensen
Two by Two~Susan LeFevre
Storyteller~Carrie Roberts
Art~Tyra David
Play~Garrett Berlinger

SS Assistant: Sandy Bartilomo
SS Staff: Debbie Erkert, Bekah Kontz, Scott Hagen

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Safeguarding God's Children

Child Protection Program - Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Become a Certified Adult Volunteer!

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