Lenten Season And Holy Week

DAYTIME Midweek Lenten Worship

Wednesdays ~ 11am

February 21st and 28th

March 7th, 14th, and 21st

Following worship, join us for our traditional soup lunch in Fellowship Hall


EVENING Midweek Lenten Worship

Wednesdays ~ February 21st and 28th
March 7th, 14th, and 21st
Dinner: 6:00-6:45pm
Worship: 7:00pm (ends approx. 7:45pm)

Eat This Book:  Digesting Scripture Together”
is the theme for our Lenten mid-week evening worship. 
Prior to worship we’ll assemble in the 
Fellowship Hall.  A meal will be provided for your convenience.  
After dinner, we’ll remain in the Fellowship Hall for an interactive worship.

Ever noticed the common objections to reading Scripture sounding like those we use to avoid a balanced diet?  Healthy foods are too boring…too weird…too hard to use.  Extreme approaches can be dangerous.  And besides, who has the time?

This Lenten season, we invite you to join us in moving past the fears, overcoming the reluctance, and learning how to read the Bible together. Your spirit will be nourished, your faith will grow, and we’re pretty sure that if you try it, you’ll even learn to like it.

Week One

“Use By Date_____”

Sometimes the Bible seems hopelessly out of date.  Learn how to bring historic lessons into the here and now.

Week Two

“Why Does Anyone Eat This?”

Different cultures, different customs—it can feel like reading the Bible should require a Passport, if not a Master’s in anthropology.  Find out how knowing where they’re coming from makes the Scriptures more accessible.

Week Three

“How To Avoid Food Poisoning”

Extremists abound, and we’ve all seen how holy books can be used to harm, even by those who believe they’re being faithful.  Here we learn some tools for reading wisely and avoiding the pitfalls of Scriptural abuse.

Week Four

“Do You Really Want to Know What’s in Your Hot Dog?”

Some folks fear that reading Scripture requires them to lose their rational mind, or risk losing their faith.  Here’s how to hold on to both.

Week Five

“Try It Before You Make That Face”

Let’s face it some of these stories are gruesome, frightening, mysterious—or just plain weird.  Learn how and why to dig in to those passages you’d just as soon avoid.



Palm Sunday

March 24, 5:00pm

March 25, 9:00am & 10:45am

Sunday services begin on the courtyard, as the entire congregation joins

in a triumphant Palm Procession into the Sanctuary.

Maundy Thursday

March 29, 11:00am & 7:00pm

A meditation on Jesus’ Last Supperand his “mandate” to love one another as he has loved us.

11:00am Holy Communion and Blessing of Oils

7:00pm Holy Communion (1st Communion Received: see below for class details) and Stripping of the Altar.

Good Friday

March 30, 11:00am & 7:00pm

The Good Friday Liturgy is intentionally simple as we are invited to meditate on Christ's sacrifice on the cross.

  Beginning in silence, the service alternates reading from Scripture, prayers, and hymns.

Easter Sunday

April 1

A joyous celebration of Christ’s resurrection! 


Sunrise Worship with Holy Communion on the Courtyard

8:00am, 9:30am & 11:00am

Festival Services of Holy Communion

Sanctuary Choir, Brass Ensemble & Bell Choir