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 Teach me, O Lord, to follow your decrees:
   Then I will keep them to the end
 Give me understanding, and I will keep your law
    And obey it with all my heart.
 Direct me in the paths of yoru commands,
    For there I find delight.

 The purpose of the Confirmation Program is to immerse youth in grades seven  through nine in the  Bible, the Church, and what it means to be a disciple of Christ,  as part of the fulfillment of the promises made by their parents, sponsors and  congregation on the day of their baptism.  The youth are given the opportunity to  affirm their baptism at the completion of their studies, and to be accepted as  confirmed voting members of the congregation.

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Confirmation students attend classes on Sunday mornings 9:00-10:10am. Attendence is required at least 75% of class sessions for each unit, or make up work must be completed.
Classes are designed to include activity, interaction and participation. Students are encouraged to ask questions.
7th Grade Curriculum-
The Bible - one year review of both the Old and New Testiments
8th Grade Curriculum-
Exploring Luther's Small Catechism - Creeds, 10 Commandments, Baptism, Lord's Prayer, Holy Communion, Worship.
9th Grade Curriculum-
Our Neighbor's Faith
Church History
Martin Luther
Lutheran Church
Christian Living

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Each student is expected to attend worhsip services regularly. We encourage parents to accompany the student. Each student is required to submit 10 Worship Reflection Forms during the course of the year. These can be submitted covering regular services as well as special services such as Christmas Eve and Lenten services. The students may also complete a Worship Reflection Form if attending a church other than All Saints. Forms will be available in the rack in the Narthex and in the classrooms. Forms need be returned to your instructors. Click on the link to the right for the combination Worship & Service Form.

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Service Ministry

Confirmands are encouraged to make a commitment to service during the confirmation year (Sept-Aug), with the requirement of a minimum of 24 hours total encompassing church and/or community (service credits completed for school requirements can also be used for confirmation. 12 of the 24 hours should be completed by Jan 1st.
Service ministry completion forms are available in Fellowship hall and in classrooms. Completed forms are to be placed in the Red Boxes in Fellowship Hall or classrooms.
Click below for the combination Worship & Service Form.