Journeying Together Faithfully

Journeying Together Faithfully

Dear All Saints Member,

Thank you for joining us as we begin our congregational consideration of same-gender marriage.

One of the primary tasks of the Same Gender Advisory Team is to facilitate meaningful, relevant, and, above all, biblically based study of same-gender marriage as it relates to All Saints. In the coming weeks we will be offering several opportunities for you to join us as we begin our study and discussion of this issue.

We have chosen to base our study on Journey Together Faithfully, a program commissioned and published by the ELCA in 2003. We believe it encourages a balanced exploration of the topic that will allow for meaningful reflection and discernment both personally and as a congregation. Most importantly, however, it emphasizes the church’s ability to disagree but remain united as the body of Christ. The complete document is available through the link here:

While originally developed to be presented in six sessions, the SGAT has consolidated some of the program in order to facilitate our four-week study. If you plan on joining us for this study, we encourage you to consider the relevant reading before each meeting. The following is an overview of the All Saints study:

Week 1: Historic Participation

[Session 1 (pp.7-11) and Session 3 (pp.18-22)]

Week 2: What the Bible Says

[Session 2 (pp. 12-17)]

Week 3: The Lutheran Lens

[Session 4 (pp. 23-26)]

Week 4: Discerning God's Will

[Session 5 (pp.27-31) and Session 6 (pp. 32-35)]

If you feel more comfortable reflecting on the question privately, this text can also be used effectively as a basis for personal consideration and discernment.

Please note that Journey Together Faithfully was originally published in 2003 and considered the issue of same-gender civil unions.  The questions to be considered by the All Saints congregation, however, are in consideration of same-gender marriage.

We ask that you continue to pray and ask for the Spirit’s guidance as we move forward with discerning God’s message for us and for our church.


All Saints Same-Gender Advisory Team