Faith Groups

FAITH GROUPS connect believers to God and His family. Faith Groups (previously known as Small Groups) expose participants daily to the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of people and ministries that reach out to men, women, and children who are forming who they are and who they will be through the saving grace of God's love. Faith Groups develop believers for ministry and evangelism by teaching do-able actions that fit their lives. Faith Groups invite members to gather around Scripture, prayers of intercession and thanksgiving and, at the end, say: "Wow, we just engaged in the act of witnessing!" And they will be right. Like Peter and John before the Sandedrin, may the people of this church SHARE all they have seen and heard about the love of Jesus because they can't keep it to themselves!

New ideas for Faith Groups ministries are ALWAYS welcome! Please contact Kevin Harpel in the church office with your suggestions. Continue to scroll down to see is what is offered at All Saints:

Book Club

You are invited to join fellow lovers of literature as they discuss current books... fiction, non-fiction, and topical.  Participants are encouraged to suggest titles for the group to consider.
We always welcome newcomers!
If you enjoy reading and discussing books, please join us.
The Book Club meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 9:30 am in the Café/Theater of the Life Building.

The next meeting of Daytime Book Club will be Tuesday, November 13th at 9:30am in the Life Building Café with a discussion of The Disappeared by C.J. Box.

C.J. Box’s novel features Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett’s search  to find out what happened to the CEO of a high-profile British advertising agency  who has gone missing after vacationing at the Silver Creek Ranch.  With few resources and very little time, Joe is happy to accept the help of both his 23-year-old daughter, Sheridan, and comrade Nate Romanowski.  Meanwhile, Gaylen Kessel, the head security agent for the wind energy company that has taken over the region, makes trouble. In the end, Sheridan and Nate must deal out rough justice while the book’s key environmental issue enhances the satisfying conclusion.

Future literature list:

December 11 – "Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend" by Katarine Bivald

Save the Date! Our annual Christmas Brunch will be a part of our meeting on

December 11th and will be held at the Pointe In Tyme.

             Contact:  Renate Kaufman at 623.434.8993 for more information.

What Would Jesus Brew


Saturday, November 3rd from 2:00pm to 5:30pm

Tuesday, November 27th is National Learn to Brew Day

Join us from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

(Must be 21 years and older to attend)

Contact Joe Schwartz or Andrew Baker for location.

Joe Schwartz OR (602) 866-9191 ext. 118
Andrew Baker at

Christian groups centered on the home brewing of beer are gaining popularity.  After much discussion, planning and prayer, Joe Schwartz and Kevin Harpel have launched a chapter of “What Would Jesus Brew.”

Our goal is to help people connect with each other and with God through the common appreciation of beer.  Jesus made wine. Monks brewed beer. Martin Luther, the leader of the protestant Reformation, was an avid brewer of beer.

By coming together to enjoy a barley-brewed beverage, we believe that people will build more relationships with each other, and with people who they wouldn’t cross paths with otherwise.

A typical meeting opens with a devotion and prayer  We then move between learning about the brewing process and different styles of beer and bible discussion then close in prayer.

Culinary Service

The All Saints Culinary Service creates personalized dining experiences for receptions, parties, and special events for the congregation and in other locations. 

Culinary’s annual “Nutcracker Sweets” event provides delicious home-made cookies and candies that are beautifully packaged for the enjoyment and convenience of the congregation.  Funds received help to purchase important items to support congregation ministries.

You are invited to join in the fun as the group researches, plans, coordinates, designs, learns, shares, laughs, prays and serves our Lord.  No experience is necessary!  The group meets the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in Fellowship Hall.

ContactScott Hagen

Card Group

ASLC Card Group

Food, Fun and Fellowship describe the all Saints longest standing small group. We meet twice a month on the first Saturday and third Sunday evenings. 

We alternate hosting in member homes.  If hosting presents a problem, you are still welcome to attend and encouraged to co-host, or help a host occasionally. 

Beginning with a devotion, we proceed to our pot-luck type meal, then split into various card or board games.  A number of fun games are played, with no particular skill set required. 

If you have an interest, or questions, please call Duane Loranger at 602.765.4525.


A Time For Us - Couple's Group

...Couple's Bible Study 

Meets the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 
(September through May)

Time For Us Couple Bible Study

Begins Tuesday, September 4th

7:00pm in Room 201

A “Time For Us” is a time for couples in mid-life to join together for fellowship and fun while learning and growing in our knowledge of the Lord and what he has in store for us. 

Call co-facilitators, Mary or Gerhard Schroeder at 602.304.0218 with any questions and to let us know
you will be joining us!


A Growing Place - All Saints Community Garden

We are located on the north side of the campus outside Fellowship Hall.

With hard work and many hands, the garden is growing, and we're excited about the progress.  Sunday School students have planted beans and herbs.  Our faithful gardeners have sifted rocks and worked hard to make the soil ready for more.  We've decorated and filled three raised bed planters.  We've also started a pollinator garden to attract and support bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

We need you, your time and your talents!

We meet the first Saturday of every month from 8:00 am to 10:00 am!

How can you help? Experienced gardeners, inexperienced wannabe gardeners, idea people, action people….YOU! We need donations and builders to build a permanent structure that will keep animals (rabbits, birds, squirrels) from eating what we've planted. We need more of YOU to help construct a permanent structure to keep those pesky desert animals at bay.

Bring a hat, refillable water bottle, sunscreen, gloves, kneeling/knee pads.

Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.  Genesis 2:7

 See you in the dirt!

For more information please contact Monica Rabb at